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I’m Kam, a frontend UI developer & designer.

I help companies build their websites. Taking their ideas from wireframes to prototypes and then developing the final product.

I’m skilled in HTML, CSS (Sass), JavaScript (Vue, jQuery & vanilla JS), PHP CMS’ (Magento & WordPress), image editing (Sketch and the Adobe suite) and I like to experiment with new tech-stacks & frameworks in my spare time.

If you have a project that needs to be designed and built, if you need some help or some advice, please feel free to contact me via email: kam (at) scriptedpixels (dot) co (dot) uk.

My most recent CV is available here.

from the blog

  1. Weather finder React App

  2. Stateless, functional, components in React

  3. Simple animated underline

  4. SVG image Fallback

  5. Double off-canvas, sliding, navigation

  6. Thumbnail grid with expanding preview and mini gallery

  7. A two in one open and close button


  1. Responsive design, Responsive grid integration, Media queries, HTML5, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS3 animations

  2. Responsive carousel, design, grid and media queries, HTML5, custom jQuery & JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3 animations, custom nomination form.

  3. Responsive design, grid and media queries, HTML5, custom jQuery & JavaScript, mobile optimised design and development

  4. Custom Wordpress posts, one page design and development, Custom JavaScript for mobile and desktop carousel switching, mobile optimised design and development

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