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Instagram & how I’m making the most of the video feature for web development.

August 8th, 2013
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Well, it looks like my experiment on Instagram worked! To be honest I went in to it blindly as well as spontaneously, late last night. I didn’t think of checking if anyone had done this before, and I still haven’t! I assume it’s a popular “thing to do” now though.

I thought it would be a good idea to show off some small jQuery animation and my new site design in a short video. This way I can showcase features and code in the future while making it “look cool” (I’ll be staying away from filters as much as possible though).

What I recorded is embedded below. It’s basically showcasing how the “my work” boxes react when hovered over. This hover state is disabled for touch devices though. Why? – because hover isn’t supported, widely, on touch devices AND it looks a mess when it’s enabled: The block would be half way through animating “up” and then the next page would load in – not a nice experience for my visitors!

#webdev My website’s JS, javascript, in action. Web development istagram’d! by @scriptedpixels

Kudos to the site that enables an amazing service to embed instagram video/photo’s: Embed Instagram

What does this mean to me, and you, in the future? I’ll be looking to record and embed more videos showcasing how code “works” … as well as using online sites, such as CodePen, to showoff.


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