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about me

I’m a frontend UI web developer & designer, a “creative developer”, is what I call myself.

Based in London, I’m always looking to push my clients work to the next level. I love experimenting and using new technology, with graceful degradation for older web browsers of course.

I work with large and small clients as a contractor and as a in-house developer. I’ve worked for many startups, large established agencies and mixed size e-commerce companies.

Where it all started:

I graduated from Nottingham Trent with a BA (Hons) degree in Multimedia. For 3 years I studied photography, 3D animation, videography, audio and the web.

I graduated and worked for a small agency outside on the outskirts of London doing some simple design & development. I gained invaluable insight in how to manage projects, overseas developers and clients directly. I started to understand the planning, and timing, it took to complete projects.

As I progressed through my career in and into London I worked my way from a a permanent ‘junior web developer’ in Foxtons Estate Agents up to a mid-weight freelance developer.

Throughout my career I’ve with different technologies and projects:

  1. HTML/CSS template builds (ready for content management system (CMS) integration)
  2. React
  3. VueJs
  4. HTML5
  5. CSS3 (Sass)
  6. Web animations
  7. AJAX
  8. PHP
  9. JSON
  10. REST
  11. JavaScript (vanilla, frameworks and libraries)
  12. Responsive web design and development
  13. Version control (Git)
  14. Wire-framing
  15. Prototyping
  16. In-browser design
  17. E-mail campaigns
  1. Responsive design, Responsive grid integration, Media queries, HTML5, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS3 animations

  2. Responsive carousel, design, grid and media queries, HTML5, custom jQuery & JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3 animations, custom nomination form.

  3. Responsive design, grid and media queries, HTML5, custom jQuery & JavaScript, mobile optimised design and development

  4. Custom Wordpress posts, one page design and development, Custom JavaScript for mobile and desktop carousel switching, mobile optimised design and development

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