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Hi. My name is Kam and I’m a front-end developer and designer.

You can find a few examples of my work, my development playground and all of the important stuff (like my twitter handle) here. There’s also a link to my blog where I’ll be posting anything that catches my eyes or ears from new music to new technology.

But it’s not all HTML, I’m a creative developer which means I can take you from design concept to code to a fully-responsive website.

If you have a project that needs to be designed and built or if you need some extra help please feel free to contact me via the contact form at the bottom of this page or, alternatively, send me an email:

If you’re interested in my background, the boring CV, then head on over to here. It’s kept up to date as much as possible, via LinkedIn.

…get to know me a little more…

The short story: I’m a talented freelance front end web developer and designer, a “creative developer” is what I call myself, who’s based in London. I’m always looking to push my clients work to the next level and I love using new technology – with graceful degradation for older web browsers of course.

Where did it all begin?
I was heavily influenced by my fathers career in media and his interest in computers. I found my self bringing the two together as I grew up and loved learning how ‘machine code’ could create graphics as well as audio. I went through short episodes in life where I was DJ’ing and creating short stop animation videos as well as manipulating images in Adobe Photoshop. I then chose to study Multimedia at Nottingham Trent University. For the three years I covered all things ‘multimedia’ (photography, audio, animation and web) but I decided to spend two of the three years focused on “the web” as it focused on how to code as well as design – I felt I found what I wanted to do for fun as well as a career!

Where am I now?
I’m now a freelance creative developer as well as a young consultant in London. I work for my own clients as well as contracting within agencies and companies, be they big, small, established or start ups via my Ltd company: Scripted Pixels.

What I do and where it started:
When I graduated I started off working for a young agency outside of London doing simple design and development – HTML4/CSS2 to W3C standards. This opened the doors to the world of ‘handling real life clients’ and managing projects from start-to-finish. I gained invaluable insight in how to manage a project, the client and understand the planning and time it would take to complete projects.

As I progressed through my career in and into London I worked my way from a a permanent ‘junior web developer’ at Foxtons to a ‘mid-weight freelance Creative Developer’ working for various agencies and companies.

Throughout my career I’ve worked on various projects with different technologies, such as:

  1. e-mail campaigns
  2. flash banners
  3. flash games
  4. website translations
  5. HTML/CSS template builds (ready for content management system (CMS) integration)
  6. twitter widgets
  7. animations in Scriptaculous
  8. AJAX
  9. PHP
  10. Responsive web design and development (RWD)
  11. HTML 4 & 5
  12. CSS 2 & 3
  13. Wire-framing
  14. Version control (eclipse and Git)
  15. XML / JSON
  16. JavaScript – hand coded and libraries

With the experience of using the above and from working with various companies (listed here); I now focus on making websites accessible to everyone – this means building sites that work across multiple devices. This is classed as responsive web design and for me it’s ensuring the most important content of any site is available for everyone no matter what device they are using.

from the blog

  1. Stateless, functional, components in React

  2. Simple animated underline

  3. SVG image Fallback

  4. Double off-canvas, sliding, navigation

  5. Thumbnail grid with expanding preview and mini gallery

  6. A two in one open and close button

  7. Custom mini image gallery, made with jQuery


  1. Responsive design, Responsive grid integration, Media queries, HTML5, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS3 animations

  2. Responsive carousel, design, grid and media queries, HTML5, custom jQuery & JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3 animations, custom nomination form.

  3. Responsive design, grid and media queries, HTML5, custom jQuery & JavaScript, mobile optimised design and development

  4. Custom Wordpress posts, one page design and development, Custom JavaScript for mobile and desktop carousel switching, mobile optimised design and development

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